The Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) is implementing a national wide project whose rationale is to grant Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs)   with either Fast-Track, Regular or Special Grants for either small-scale or long- term projects. The project at FEDOMA is made possible with funding from our partner in development;  Abilis Foundation based in Finland.

FEDOMA is therefore, inviting proposals from OPDs at both national level and those Community Based Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (CBOPDs) intending to implement either small-scale or long- term projects.

Fast-Track grants are not more than 5000 Euros, therefore, the project you are proposing to implement under Fast- Track Grants should not exceed an implementation period of one year.
Well established OPDs are encouraged to apply for either Regular or Special Grants. Regular Grants range from 5001 to 15000 Euros while Special Grants range from 15001 to 35000 Euros.These are grants offered to long-term projects. CBOPDs are therefore encouraged to apply for Fast-Track grants and once they manage their funds successfully, they are entitled to apply for the Regular Grants.
Follow all instructions on the form and once the form is filled in appropriately, send it together with your organizational relevant particulars
For enquiries, call +265 998 234 126
This is an open-ended and no deadlines but the earlier, the better.