Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB) has asked the  government to consider  removing tax on assistive devices to allow persons with disabilities to access these devices at an affordable price.Speaking on the public broadcaster, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) in a special Braille Program on the sidelines of the commemoration of World Braille Day, Ezekiel Kumwenda, Executive Director for MUB said persons with disabilities in Malawi continue to struggle when accessing assistive devices as they are imported at a high prices that require them to deep in their pockets even more deeper to procure such devices. 

"In Malawi, we are over 1,700 000 persons with disabilities and some of us are in extreme poverty and it is a punishment to us as we face heavy tax on these basic commodities. For Example, perkins brailler, one of essential assistive devices is currently going at MWK1,200 000.00. In Malawi, who can afford to procure this device? that is why we are asking the  government to remove tax on these devices", he lamented. 

Kumwenda added braille and its accessories make communication effective among persons with visual impairments and Malawi must follow the intentional stands to make all brailles writings free. 

Every 4 January, Malawi joins the rest of the United Nations (UN) member states in commemorating World Braille Day in reaffirming the commitment to creating an inclusive society where persons with visual impairments in the country thrive and contribute meaningfully  to the society. 

MUB is  championing the advocacy work in lobbying for  the availabilty of braille in various institutions.  United Nations  proclaimed 4 January as World Braille Day as it marks the birthday  of Louis Braille, the visionary braille inventor born in France in 1809. 

This year's theme is "EMPOWERING THROUGH INCLUSION DIVERSITY" and the theme gives the platform for the disability sector to advance for the promotion of rights of persons with disabilities in Malawi.