In a bid to promote gender and disability mainstreaming in discission making fora, FEDOMA has challenged mother groups in Ntcheu, Balaka and Zomba to promote disability inclusion.

Speaking at one of the engagement meetings held in Zomba, Ethel Kachala, FEDOMA Project Manager, emphasized the need to effect inclusion of women in discission making process if the country is to achieve its vision 2063 development agenda

"Women are crucial in development and lets incorporate them in whatever we are doing; and by doing that, we are fostering their meaningful participation in development  agenda as we are living in an inclusive society where we aught  not to leave no one behind" , she narrated.

She therefore challenged mother groups to spearhead inclusion of women with disabilities in all development circles  and she encouraged them to be  champions influencing discission makers to embrace disability mainstreaming at all times.    

During the engagement meetings, mother groups in the districts drew work plans as their instruments to effect disability inclusion.

FEDOMA is implementing gender and disability mainstreaming  in Zomba, Balaka and Ntcheu Districts with an aim to promote full participation of women and girls with disabilities in discission making. The project is mde possible with financial support from Bread for the World.