Positive developments continue to take cause as another positive stride has been witnessed as Lilongwe District Council has appointed a person with albinism to lead the council's Appointment & Disciplinary Committee as secretary.

Recently, the Malawi disability fraternity has witnessed Harrison Elisa taking oath before taking his charges as the secretary of the committee. 

This comes just few day after Malawi has ratified the  Protocol to the African Charter on Human Rights and people's Rights on the rights of persons with disabilities  popularly known as African Disability Protocol (ADP) whose rationale is to ensure observance of rights of persons with disabilities in the continent. This comes at a time as parliament has also passed the Persons with Disabilities Bill that seeks to enhance protection and promotion of rights of persons with disabilities in the country.

Appointment & Disciplinary Committee is a paramount committee at the district level whose roll is to oversees matters of employment and promotions.